Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Bach: Cantata 167
"Tenor Jason Rylander sang his opening aria with a graceful elegance, with a noticeable attention to phrasing and vocal weight."

Mozart Requiem/Salieri Requiem
Bach Sinfonia 
Washington Post, October 25, 2010 
"The Mozart was simply electrifying.  Drawn from the chorus, the superb soloists [Clara Rottsolk, Meg Bragle, Jason Rylander, and James Shaffran] were luminous and well-matched as the emotional cast of the work moved between solemnity or disquieting fear to unbounded ecstasy."  

Monteverdi Vespers 1610
Orchestra of the 17th Century and Countertop Ensemble
Stephen Neal Dennis, (All Arts Review), May 13, 2010
"Countertop had some exceptional voices, especially its tenors Matthew Smith and Jason Rylander.  Both had clear, ardent voices that soared above [the] brass." 

Bach B-Minor Mass
Washington Post, October 6, 2009
"Whether in solos or duos, sopranos Kate Vetter Cain and Rebecca Kellerman Petretta, mezzo Barbara Hollinshead, tenor Jason Rylander and bass Steven Combs lent depth and continuity to the whole. Rylander and Combs's solos coupled sonorous warmth and emotional depth."